Who We Are

This agency was founded by Michael Smith, who assembled a team of professionals, each with unique skills in web design, social media, video marketing, and traffic generation.


Our Mission

Hello, my name is Michael, and I want to    thank you for the interest in the services   that we offer to help businesses with their marketing campaigns.  Most companies in any given niche face similar challenges in building and scaling a business.  In today’s over-saturated-information-data-feed-digital-stream to every device under the sun world…  a companies brand and marketing style must stand out from the crowd – immediately catch the attention of visitors or viewers.  This is really aided by targeted research into what is trending in a given niche.  You have to keep up with social media trends in order to know where your audience hangs out, and then you engage and build a following.  This is what we are good at.  We specialize in video ad creation and ranking, with advertising modules set up for most niches.